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2019 Urdu Sad Poetry Collection About Muhabbat for Facebook

Uljha Rahi Hai Mujh Ko, Yehi Kash Makash Musalsal Wo Aa Basa Hai Mujh Mei,  Ya Mai Us Mei Kho Gai Hoon جب بھی تیری قربت کے امکاں نظر آئےہم اتنا خوش ہوئے کہ پریشاں نظر آے پھولوں کے ساتھ اس لیے کانٹے لگے ہیں دوستپھولوں پے ہاتھ سوچ کے …

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Sad Ghazals Heart Touching

Heart teaching Sad Ghazals

Reading some of the Urdu poetry which can touch your heart is like finding the heaven on earth and when you got it you will smile and gets excited defiantly. So its time to be excited as we are sharing the most amazing and meaningful sad ghazals heart touching, which …

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